The school has a house system with the aim of fostering team spirit, healthy competition , discover hidden potentials of the student and to maintain a balance between academics and co-curricular activities, the students are divided into four houses.

Cheetah Yellow Honor,Loyalty and Joy
Chetak Red Vigor, Strength and Radiance
Sarang Green Balance, Determination and Harmony
Dhruv Blue Intelligence, Enthusiasm and Calmness
  1. Each house is headed by a Captain, a Vice Captain and two Prefects.
  2. The teachers are allotted different houses and houses-in-charge for each house is appointed.
  3. Each house has its own House Flag confirming to the House colour.
  4. All the students are allotted a house and competitions are held house wise. However a student will be allowed to take part in 2 House Competitions in a year.
  5. A member of Teaching Staff acts as House Teacher-in-charge.
  6. The House Teacher-in-charge along with their team of teachers and House appointees discipline of the school.
  7. C.C.A ACTIVITIES FOR 2017-18
01.04.17(Saturday) I to X Academic year 2017018 Commences
12.04.17 ( Wednesday) I to X Selection of new house teachers and house meeting
19.04.17 ( Wednesday) I to X House meeting
26.04.17 ( Wednesday) I to V



Calligraphy Competition (English)

Creative Writing (English Story)

Article Writing (English)

01.05.17 to 08.05.17 I to X Class Test
12.05.17 to 20.05.17 I to X SUMMER VACATION
21.06.17 ( Wednesday) I to X Yoda day Celebration
28.06.17 ( Wednesday) I to X INVESTITURE CEREMONY
05.07.17 ( Wednesday) I to II

III to V

VI to X

Painting Competition (Go Green)

Best out of waste (Go Green)

English Declamation

12.07.17 ( Wednesday) I to V

VI to X

 English Poem Recitation

Poster making & Slogan writing (Go Green)

19.07.17 ( Wednesday) I to V

VI to X

 Hindi Calligraphy Competition

Hindi Debate Competition

26.07.17 ( Wednesday) I to V

VI to X

 Hindi Story Telling

Decorate Me – Hose Board Competition/ Hose Meeting

02.08.17 ( Wednesday) I to II

III to V

VI to X

 Throw Ball – Girls

Kho – Kho – Girls

Air Force related Quiz Competition

09.08.17 ( Wednesday) I to V

VI to X

Patriotic group song Competition

Badminton Competition – Boys 

23.08.17 ( Wednesday) I to V

VI to X

EVS Quiz Competition

Badminton Competition – Girls 

30.08.17 ( Wednesday) I to II

III to V

VI to X

Throw Ball – Boys

Kho – Kho – Boys

Sanskrit Shloka Competition 

05.09.17 (Tuesday) I to X Teachers day celebration 
11.09.17 I to X Examination Time 
26.09.17 to 05.09.17 I to X Autumn Break 
11.10.17 ( Wednesday) I to II

III to V

VI to X

Diwali Card making Competition

Candle and Diya decoration Competition

Spell Bee 

18.10.17 ( Wednesday) I to V

VI to X

Spell Bee

Rangoli Competition 

25.10.17 ( Wednesday) I to V



Hindi Poem Recitation

Tatto making Competition

Mehndi making Competition 

01.11.17 ( Wednesday) I to X  House Meeting
08.11.17 ( Wednesday) I to V

VI to X

Fancy dress Competition

Collage making Competition 

14.11.17 (Tuesday) I to X Children’s Day Celebration 
15.11.17 ( Wednesday) I to V

VI toX

Athletic Competition

Nukkad Natak Competition – Public Awareness 

22.11.17 ( Wednesday) I to V

VI to X

English Story telling Competition

Athetic Competition 

29.11.17 ( Wednesday) I to II

III to V

VI to X

Paper Folding and Cutting

Flower making and arrangement

Volleyball Match

20.12.17 ( Wednesday) I to X Annual Function
23.12.17 to 11.01.18 I to X WINTER BREAK


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